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There are situations where a low or high-pressure water-mist system may be preferable to a conventional automatic fire suppression system, particularly where adequate water supplies are a problem, or where the fine mist provides a safer, more effective of protection than sprinklers.

Water-mist systems are used for control or suppression and use less water than traditional sprinkler systems. The discharge of water at high pressure through special nozzles creates a fine mist that can act similar to gas systems, proving effective where obstructions can prevent the water from standard sprinkler systems reaching the fire.

By definition, water mist is a water spray for which the 99% of the total volume of liquid (Dv0.99) is in droplets of diameter smaller than 1000 microns at the minimum design operating pressure of the water mist nozzle. Properly designed water mist spray systems can be effective on both liquid fuel (Class B) and solid fuel (Class A) fires. Every water mist system shall have at least one automatic water supply. An extra supply (reserve supply) of extinguishing agent connected to feed into the automatic system should be considered for all installations.

Typical applications where water-mist systems may prove beneficial are:

  • Catering facilities (e.g. deep fat fryers)
  • Flammable liquid stores
  • Hotels
  • Listed buildings (where excessive water damage is to be avoided)
  • Residential (e.g. where water storage space is restricted)
  • Some high rise buildings

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