Hi and welcome back…. A recent report has just delivered a reality check that is, quite honestly, pretty disgraceful. The NSW Building Professionals Board has identified that the fire protection installed in many commercial buildings are not compliant with building standards. In some buildings, it found that a deliberate decision was made to install substandard systems in order to reduce costs. This type of cost cutting and disregard for fire protection standards can and does lead to disaster and potential loss of life. There is a reason for building standards and that is to protect!!

Installing the correct fire protection solution can mean the difference between a small fire and a devastating blaze as in the case of the Quakers Hill Nursing Home fire.

Lets hope that we do not see, as consequence of not adhering to building standards, a repeat of the Quakers Hill Nursing Home Fire.

On a better note, however, the Department of Planning and Environment stated in 2013 that all NSW nursing homes are required to have sprinklers installed by or before March 2016, by September 2014, 120 nursing homes had installed fire sprinkler systems and currently 500 older aged care facilities do now have sprinkler systems which leave approximately 200 facilities remaining.

……….. ‘Til the next time Greg