Hi and welcome back to my blog, I hope you have enjoyed the weekend ad the footie as much as I did. With such a great Saturday followed by a warm and windy Sunday brings to mind the potential fire dangers for the summer months. The latest bushfire outlook indicates a heightened risk of forest fires in southern Australia for 2015.

Because of the reduced rainfall over a fairly extended period of time, we are starting to see the forests drying out leading to more fuel availability … so things to burn within the forest. Forest fires are the much higher intensity fires and they also, unfortunately tend to be in the areas where a lot of our big cities are and the urban interface areas around the large cities

To be prepared, business owners and anyone working or living in bushfire prone areas must have a bushfire survival plan in place. It is also highly recommended having fire protection equipment in place; it’s essential that all staff and building occupants understand what to do in the event of a fire.  Clear evacuation procedures should be in place and everyone should be aware of the location of the nearest shelter.

Make sure your Bushfire response plans should be practiced regularly.

Any business owner knows the business continuity is a key concern.  Property loss and damage caused by bushfire can result in lengthy downtime while repairs and rebuilding take place.  Expensive equipment and important information can be destroyed by fire so make sure you have your ALL your files backed up and the backups placed either offsite or in a fire proof safe

If your business is located in a bushfire prone area, check your insurance policy and ensure your business is covered against damage that could be caused by bushfire.  It’s important to stay on top of this as some insurance companies have specific wording in their contracts, which could, if not adhered to nullify your insurance cover.

……….. ‘Til the next time Greg